Dolciaria Monardo

The History of Our Company

Three Generations of Sweetness

The story of Dolciaria Monardo is a tale that spans three generations, a journey through time that begins with Mr. Domenico Monardo. It was he who, in the early 1900s, embarked on this adventure by producing Mostaccioli, a typical product of Soriano that soon became well-known throughout Calabria. These sweets, with their unique flavor and artisanal quality, marked the beginning of a successful path and a passion for pastry making.

Over the years, the Monardo family continued to expand its range of products thanks to the skill and dedication of Master Antonio Monardo. His family business began to produce other delights such as Mandorlato and Milk Biscuits, solidifying Dolciaria Monardo’s reputation as a synonym for excellence in the confectionery sector.

In the late 1990s, a new chapter opened with Mimmo Monardo, who became the sole administrator of the company. Under his leadership, Dolciaria Monardo further expanded its offerings, investing not only in baked goods but also in the production of high-quality chocolate. This evolution allowed the company to not only uphold its deep-rooted traditions but also to embrace new opportunities and challenges, bringing Dolciaria Monardo to a higher level of recognition and appreciation.

Today, Dolciaria Monardo represents a perfect balance between respect for traditions and innovation, continuing to delight palates in Italy and around the world with its unique and unmistakable products.

The Production Center

Our Factory

Dolciaria Monardo, located in the heart of Soriano Calabro (VV), represents a perfect blend of artisanal tradition and technological innovation. The company boasts a modern facility equipped with state-of-the-art systems and cutting-edge equipment for the production of confectionery products, including an adjacent logistics area of 5,000 square meters and 1,500 square meters, respectively.

This infrastructure enables Dolciaria Monardo to ensure efficient, high-quality production, swiftly meeting customer demands without compromising product excellence.

With five production lines dedicated to chocolate and nougat, brittle, almond milk, biscuits and baked goods, and pastries, Dolciaria Monardo offers a wide range of sweets, all crafted with the same passion and dedication that have defined the company for generations. Additionally, the company manages three registered brands: Monardo, Cupido, and Monfruit, each with its own unique and distinctive identity.

The highly qualified staff at Dolciaria Monardo are the heartbeat of the company, combining artisanal skills with the most modern production techniques. This approach allows the company to uphold traditional confectionery values while embracing new technologies to continually improve the quality and variety of products offered.

Dolciaria Monardo is more than just a production facility; it is a place where history, passion, and innovation converge to create sweets that are not just food, but true masterpieces of taste and quality.

Responsible Company

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Dolciaria Monardo S.r.l. is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality and food safety of its products. This commitment translates into a strict company policy that focuses on customer satisfaction and compliance with current food hygiene regulations.

The company, active in the market for three generations, operates not only nationally but also exports to EU and non-EU countries, consistently maintaining high-quality standards.

To ensure safe and high-quality products, Dolciaria Monardo adopts rigorous safety and quality management procedures, constantly monitoring consumer satisfaction and continuously improving the services and products offered. The company is also dedicated to transparent supplier selection, evaluating professionalism and quality standards, and strives to use local raw materials whenever possible to support regional development.

Food Safety

Production of safe products, compliant with current regulations to ensure maximum food safety.


Constant commitment to offering high-quality products, meeting customer expectations, and adhering to laws and regulations.

Innovation and Sustainability

Technological and process innovation, with a focus on protecting human health and the environment.

Growth and Responsibility

Attention to market and consumer needs for responsible and sustainable business growth.

Quality and Food Safety Policy

Dolciaria Monardo S.r.l. is a company that has been present in the market for three generations: the Monardo family primarily produces baked confectionery products and chocolate-based products, and with renewed enthusiasm day by day, has led the company to become the significant entity it is today.

The company operates not only nationally but also exports to EU and non-EU countries.

Dolciaria Monardo S.r.l. has always believed that commercial success lies in the quality and authenticity of its products, which lead to customer satisfaction. The company’s primary commitment is food safety, which is achieved through the production of safe products that comply with current food hygiene regulations and sector-specific standards for authenticity.

To this end, the company constantly demonstrates its commitment to safety/quality management and actively works to:

  • Offer quality products
  • Understand the needs and expectations of its customers
  • Provide products and services that meet customer requirements and comply with laws and regulations
  • Be a credible and reliable reference for its customers, end consumers, employees, collaborators, and suppliers, as well as for all identified stakeholders
  • Gradually strengthen its competitiveness in the national and international market
  • Provide efficient, reliable, and modern service
  • Maintain and improve the quality and food safety management system based on the requirements of voluntary standards BRC-IFS

In particular, it ensures:

  • The appointment of a Representative with the delegation to implement the entire Integrated Management System
  • Identification of actions related to its maintenance, verification, and continuous improvement, including defining operational documents and related records
  • Maintaining an optimal company climate: by constantly maintaining and improving working environment conditions, regarding hygiene and product health requirements, operator health and safety, and its commitment to Social Responsibility; this is also guaranteed by providing all material and training resources to its collaborators and offering a safe and healthy working environment
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction and gathering consumer feedback to improve services and products offered
  • Selecting suppliers transparently, evaluating professionalism and quality standards
  • Improving and consolidating the partnership established with long-standing suppliers while also enhancing the criteria for selecting new suppliers to ensure quality raw materials (risk analysis)

The continuous improvement of the system is considered by the company as a fundamental and necessary part to ensure the safety and quality of its products and guarantee the company’s growth. This is carried out based on:

  • The requests of stakeholders
  • The results of the analysis of the Integrated Management System’s performance conducted during the annual Review
  • Regulatory developments
  • Update plans or projects to be developed
  • Results of internal and external audits
  • Market needs
  • The company’s code of conduct and reference values

The Management is committed to adopting simple and effective communication procedures that allow timely information at all company levels and throughout the food supply chain about any issues related to safety or changes in processes and/or products that may affect the quality required by the consumer.

The Quality Policy also looks to the future, and the company’s objectives are:

  • Increasing attention in the selection of raw materials, focusing on food safety and the sensory and nutritional quality of finished products
  • Using local raw materials whenever possible to support regional development
  • Maintaining a constant commitment to technological and process innovation
  • Continuing its commitment to protecting human and environmental health
  • Paying attention to market and consumer needs to achieve business growth
  • Actively involving personnel in production flows and aspects related to hygienic safety
  • Continuously controlling the production process and monitoring related environmental aspects/impacts

Our Certifications