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Baked Goods

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Symphony of Flavors

Pastry Delights

The Pastry section of Dolciaria Monardo is a true theater of culinary delights, where every sweet treat is a star.

Here, tradition merges with innovation to create masterpieces of taste and beauty. From delicate and crunchy Cocoa Linguette to exquisite Cocoa Torcetti, each piece is a work of art crafted with top-quality ingredients and a passion that is evident in every bite.

Our pastries offer a journey through authentic flavors and inviting textures, designed to provide moments of pure pleasure. Carefully packaged, our products are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a sweet daily indulgence or a special celebration.

At Dolciaria Monardo, pastry making is not just an art; it’s a celebration of life and its sweetest joys.


Italian Tradition

The biscuit collection of Dolciaria Monardo is a true tribute to Italian pastry tradition, enriched with a touch of innovation.

Among our specialties are the Susamelle, typical Calabrian delights available in both sugar and chocolate versions. Each biscuit is a small masterpiece: made with carefully selected ingredients for quality and freshness, it invites you to rediscover the genuine and authentic flavors of traditional pastry. Our range of biscuits, carefully and attentively packaged, is perfect for accompanying daily moments of relaxation or for sharing on special occasions. At Dolciaria Monardo, every biscuit is a unique taste experience, a journey into Italian regional traditions, reinterpreted with skill and creativity.

A Classic Renewed


Dolciaria Monardo’s Cantucci are a true celebration of classic Italian pastry, reimagined with a touch of originality.

Our selection includes traditional Almond Cantucci, crunchy and rich in flavor, and Chocolate Cantucci, a delicious variation for chocolate lovers. Each cantuccio is the result of a recipe that skillfully balances tradition and innovation, using high-quality ingredients to ensure an unparalleled taste experience.

These biscuits, perfect for dipping in wine or coffee, are ideal for finishing a meal or as a refined snack at any time of the day. At Dolciaria Monardo, cantucci are not just biscuits, but a symbol of conviviality and pleasure, an invitation to share moments of joy and sweetness.