Private label

Dolciaria Monardo

Innovation and Tradition
in Third-Party and Private Label Production

Dolciaria Monardo, with a rich family heritage spanning three generations, is dedicated to producing quality artisanal sweets, with a commitment that goes beyond mere confectionery production. Founded on tradition and craftsmanship, the company stands out not only for its exquisite products but also for its innovative solutions in third-party and private label production.

Third-Party Production

Tailored Service

Dolciaria Monardo offers third-party production services, allowing brands and companies to create customized products, from formulation to packaging.
With state-of-the-art facilities located in Soriano Calabro, the company is equipped to produce a wide range of sweets, from biscuits to pastries, nougats to chocolate products.

Private Label

Your Brand, Our Quality

Our private label offering enables partners to expand their product lines with creations that reflect the excellence and identity of Dolciaria Monardo.
This service is ideal for companies wishing to enrich their product portfolio with high-quality items, ensuring maximum discretion and support in product design and realization.

Production Capacity and Certifications

Our production capacity is supported by processes that adhere to the highest quality standards. Dolciaria Monardo prides itself on its certifications, which include guarantees for non-GMO products and compliance with food safety standards.

This ensures that every product not only meets but exceeds the expectations of consumers and business partners.

A Global Partner

Dolciaria Monardo is a global partner with a production capacity supported by processes that meet the highest quality standards. Our certifications include non-GMO guarantees and adherence to food safety standards, ensuring that every product exceeds the expectations of consumers and business partners.

This ensures that every product not only meets but exceeds the expectations of consumers and business partners.

Contact Us to Learn More

To discover how our experience and capabilities can benefit your brand through third-party or private label production, contact Dolciaria Monardo at or visit our website for more details about our products and services.

With Dolciaria Monardo, every bite tells a story of Italian quality, innovation, and tradition.