Almond Milk Line

Mediterranean Flavor

Almond Milk Line

Dolciaria Monardo’s Almond Milk Line is a tribute to the simplicity and purity of Mediterranean flavors. This line includes our Almond Milk, a plant-based beverage that captures the essence of almonds in a delightfully refreshing and nutritious form.

Packaged in convenient one-liter Tetrapaks, our almond milk is perfect for any time of the day, offering a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional milk.

Additionally, our Almond Paste is a versatile and irresistible product, free from cholesterol, gluten, and lactose, making it ideal for those seeking a genuine and light confectionery option. The 140g plastic packaging is practical and perfectly preserves the freshness and intense flavor of the almonds.

These products represent Dolciaria Monardo’s commitment to creating healthy alternatives without compromising taste and quality, bringing the best of Italian confectionery tradition to your table.